130: John Lee Dumas, part 3: One year picking up beach garbage

February 2, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

I’m trying something new for my third conversation with John: releasing the conversation unedited. While no editing means the sound is raw, you also hear everything.


Because you can hear how our relationship is developing into a friendship. in contrast to most conversations about the environment that I hear. They’re about facts, doom, gloom, what the government should do, how nothing matters, and other analytic, academic, abstract, philosophical stuff.

Anything but saying, “I’m going to act and do something new.”

John acted. He led me back to act. We both enjoyed our new actions though neither of us would have loved picking up garbage for no compensation for no reason. When connected to our values and our little race to the top, we both love it.

We both still pollute more than we need to, but when you enjoy each step, you take more steps. Even after a year, you’ll hear he’s still just starting.

Read the transcript.

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