148: Dawn Riley, part 2: Minding her beeswax

February 22, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Right off the bat, we talk about Olympians, Americas cup winners, and a Crossfit games champion. The places Dawn brought me to were elite — this time a fundraiser on Wall Street, the first time the New York Yacht Club, the next time her sailing facility for world-class athletes, Oak Cliff.

Yet Dawn is as down to earth as anyone I’ve met — scrappy, as she put it. She makes pickles for world-class athletes. She already reduces waste and tours composting facilities.

So hear how someone like her, probably busier than you and I and responsible for people’s hopes and dreams, takes on environmental challenges many people consider distracting. She makes it fun.

On another note, I recommend learning to sail. You meet people like Dawn. Humans have been doing it for 7,000 years. In my case, it’s brought everything flying did, of exploring the world, cultures, people, and so on.

If you’re think you’re too busy to act on your environmental values, how many America’s Cups have you won? Or led others to win? How many Olympians follow you?

If you answered not as many as Dawn, maybe it will help you create in your life what Dawn created in hers.

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