161: Katie Pettibone, part 1: Americas Cups, 81-foot waves, and protecting the oceans

March 28, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Katie continues the line of world class sailing champions who have translated their athletic success to leadership in their sport, business, and beyond.

What success? How about three America’s Cups, including being the youngest member of the first ever all-female boat, two around the world races, as well the famed Sydney Hobart and Worrell 1000 Extreme Catamaran Races.

She’s also a lawyer and is president of the Rising Tide Leadership Institute.

She just got back from Olympic racing in Miami, which followed placing second in the Sydney Hobart race, sponsored by Ocean Respect Racing, who promotes reducing pollution.

We talk about seeing plastic in the remote ocean as well as in much greater density closer to shore, especially America’s shores. Around the world sailors see parts of our planet farthest from human establishment. Sadly, I’ve found it’s a standard response that they’ve all seen plastic human junk however remote they’ve traveled.

She also describes waves towering over her boat’s 81-foot mast—that is, higher than an 8-storey building. How would you like an 8-storey building crashing around you?

Staying calm in a situation like that sounds like a tall order, but what you want in a leader.

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