182: Dov Baron, part 3: What is your car worth?

May 20, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

When last we heard from Dov, about a year ago, he had limited driving his James Bond Jaguar, enjoyed the experience beyond expectation, and said he was considering getting rid of it.

For a year I’ve wondered what came of his commitment.

Many people “forget” or give up on commitments to bring mugs with them to cafés. What could I expect from a guy who aspired since childhood for a specific car to show the world he arrived from the ghetto to success?

For people who insist remembering to bring a bag to a grocery store is impossibly difficult, surely anything about a car is too much.

But Dov isn’t anybody.

A wrinkle?

Tomorrow my book Initiative launches. Launching a book takes incredible time and attention. Letting yourself get distracted is a disaster because you may not catch up in time.

My mind is saying, “Stay focused, Josh. Post about the book and nothing else. Dov’s episode can wait.”

My heart says, “Dov’s story may be the most remarkable and meaningful of your podcast. Don’t wait.”

My heart won.

Actually, they both won because this podcast is the direct result of my taking initiative in my life, creating the results the book is about and Dov’s results outperform my expectations. This episode shows me what can result from leading people to share their environmental results and act on them.

Dov’s experience shows what happens when you take initiative. You discover your values. Only acting on your values reveals them to where you can reach your potential.

My experience creating this podcast created the same result in me: unearthing latent passions, acting on them, attaining results I never would have expected.

If a man gets more value from getting rid of a car than keeping it, what are the rest of us capable of getting rid of and thereby improving our lives?

This episode is about initiative, action, and passion.

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