193: Tim Smit, part 2: Spirituality and Passion from the Earth

July 1, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

From our first conversation you know Tim’s history as a musician and founder of the Eden Project. This time you’ll hear the passion of a man who loves restoring the Earth’s ability to sustain life and human society.

He talks about the spirituality of his work, connecting to the Earth, eating, and growing. For city dwellers like most of us, he shares the potential for that connection available to all of us. We have to take the steps, but the emotionally rewarding results are there.

As you listen to this episode about food, plants, land, connection, community, and many things wholesome, I recommend contrasting Tim’s world with, say, Facebook or Doritos. In my experience, they disperse community, make connections superficial, and plasticize nature to create craving for brief, regrettable alleviation from that craving. Are they worth it?

Usually I prefer second episodes to cover the personal challenge a guest did. In Tim’s case we didn’t, though it’s hard to miss that he lives a life of having done so for years.

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