208: Caspar Craven, part 1.5: Back on Track

August 15, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Remember how enthusiastic Caspar sounded at the end of the first episode?

He made doing his commitment sound so easy. Well, sometimes it is, but not always. He emailed me to postpone, saying he hadn’t done as much as he expected. I asked him to consider sharing his actual experience, not a romanticized version of it. This podcast isn’t supposed to say changing your beliefs and habits is easy, but to recount how it happens. I believe that when people act for personal reasons, even if it’s hard

Change can be hard even for people who speak and coach change. So I commend Caspar on sharing openly, even what likely made him feel vulnerable, but it was valuable to others. It’s also what leaders do.

What Caspar shared with his son, I found touching. His son had been sharing with him for longer than he knew. This experience opened him to connecting with his son.

I hope listeners are seeing that people care deeply on the environment and are acting more all the time. People who act today become leaders because everyone who wants clean air, land, and water wants to follow. The longer you wait, the less connected with this community of leaders you are. Also the more dirty your air, land, and water.

Acting on your environmental values builds community, especially with family, the closer they are the more to bond on, assuming they like clean air, land, and water. Episode 2 is coming up.

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