213: Joy from disgust

September 1, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

I don’t like my world being full of junk “food,” litter, and pollution, but if it is, I’d rather see it for what it is and feel a disgust that motivates me to change it than to keep myself in denial and passively, complacently accept it.

Yesterday’s stop at a highway rest stop reminded me how we dump garbage onto the world and into ourselves. Today’s picking up litter reinforced it, though I do it daily.

So today I discuss disgust, which I hope you all feel, not because I think you’ll enjoy the feeling, but, if the world is a way you consider disgusting, I think disgust will motivate you to act.

When enough people feel that disgust and act on it by, say, picking up other people’s litter until no one litters any more or not buying what Burger King and Starbucks sell until they sell more wholesome food, we’ll feel joy and elation at the beautiful world we restore.

My game is joy, personal growth, discovery, meaning, purpose, and such through action.

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