223: Adam Quiney, part 2: Do the Thing

September 24, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

This episode is two thoughtful, intelligent people sharing environmental thoughts. I think the thoughts we share are what a lot of people think but don’t share enough.

We cover action, leadership, motivation, caring, beliefs, integrity, and Adam’s challenge on “imperfect” (which I put in quotes since I prefer non-supermarket apples) apples.

I suspect you’ll hear things you’ve thought about but maybe haven’t shared, not just environmental, though we mostly hover around there.

Most conversations I hear devolve into abstract, academic, analysis and blame, things like government should do X, corporations should do Y, or this law should pass—anything but acting themselves. Yet acting raises awareness more than awareness leads to acting. And the fastest, most effective way to influence companies, government, and other institutions is to live by your values, which will make you a leader.

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