253: My greatest triumphs, my greatest shames

November 28, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Here are my notes that I read from for this post:

My greatest triumphs, my greatest shames.

When I share personal stuff people always write how they like it. I think it’s less important than learning the joys of stewardship and recognizing that flying any time you want or having blueberries 12 months a year doesn’t improve your life, but it may help people understand where I’m coming from and maybe hold off a bit on saying, “yeah well you’re privileged.”


  • Making the best ultimate team I played on
  • Passing Columbia’s qualifying exam


  • Bike stolen on Greene Street
  • Bike stolen from Wissahickon Creek path
  • Bike stolen from Art Museum
  • Shoved on Walnut Lane
  • Sucker punched near Central
  • Don’t remember: girls touching my skin, boys firecracker
  • My stepbrother teasing me for my fat

I’m not sure if people will consider these stories unimportant or learning important things about me. Maybe sharing such things are essential parts of leadership.

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