259: Caspar Craven, part 2: with his wife and son

December 9, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

After resetting during conversation 1.5, Caspar returns with his son and wife—Columbus and Nicola—for a touching proper second episode.

The three of them approached the challenge as a family, though you’ll hear how Columbus led his parents in many ways. It sounds like he had tried for some time to guide his parents. Now that they committed to act, they heard him more. I see this trend a lot when people commit—that they realize they could have acted earlier and that acting brings them closer to relatives and others in their communities.

Columbus steals the show, having studied, cared, and acted on the environment, patiently bringing his parents along. I hope all the parents who tell me that kids make acting environmentally harder. In the Craven family, the child is leading the adults.

We talk about sailing, their having sailed around the world, gardening, school, and more. They sound to me like they’re just getting started.

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