264: Larry Yatch, part 2: Navy SEAL precision

December 16, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

This episode brings you a trainer who has reached top levels of leadership and teaching leadership break down how to learn.

How to learn to learn. Let that sink in.

To me this episode felt like a master class by a practitioner and educator.

Note his precision in language. At first I found it pedantic, but then realized it’s not annoying, it’s liberating. When you speak English, you don’t sometimes switch letters around in words. So why switch concepts in higher level communication?

He lives by his values. Protecting our environment will require billions of people living by new values.

Larry lives by his and is driven to help others follow. Whether you want to live as simply as Larry does is not the relevant question.

Do you want to live by your values as he does by his? Because you can.

Keep in mind, he’s happy, accomplished, and it sounds like his family is as close and full of love as they come. They ahve little stuff but live in abundance.

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