269: 7 more things that everyone gets wrong about the environment

December 31, 2019 by Joshua
in Uncategorized

1: The villain. People think nature, government, or corporations. It’s beliefs

2: The solution. People think technology, market, innovation. It’s changing beliefs.

3: Reduce, reuse, recycle. People act as if recycling helps. It only helps as part of reduce, which means not growth

4: How solving feels. People think chore, deprivation, sacrifice. It’s being a part of something greater, simplifying life, applying what Victor Frankl said. Community.

5: How to lead. People think it’s facts, figures, doom, gloom, blame. It’s identifying what individual cares about and connecting that passion to action, starting where they are. If you want faster, it’s as fast as possible, many will surprise.

6: I thought people deeply wanted to try. People want leadership, to follow. They say only 10% necessary to change, then society flips.

7: Morality and ethics. Everyone is doing what they consider best and right. May not know but ignorance isn’t evil. What would you do as head of Exxon? Call someone evil who thinks they are doing best and you lose ability to influence. Empathize and you have a chance.

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