268: Hunter Lovins, part 2: Sustainability will work. It will take work.

December 30, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

I recorded our second conversation the day after the September 20, 2019 climate marches. Hunter is more than well-connected.

I wanted to hear and bring you the perspective of someone who has been at this longer and knew more people. Wait until you hear her share all the people she knew there, as well as her perspective of seeing a different generation pick up what no one has for so long.

From our last conversation you heard me struggle with what I thought I heard of her saying things can work out, so rest easy. The more I’ve listened to Hunter’s message, the more I hear she’s not saying things will effortlessly work out, which I feared at first, but that it will take work to make things work out.

We resolve that issue. It’s toward the end, so enjoy.

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