281: People don’t want to do small things. They want to do meaningful things.

January 29, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

The notes I read from for this episode:

  • People don’t want to do small things. They want to do things that matter.
  • Stop telling people small things they can do except as part of everything. Find things that you care about, that you notice.
  • And stop measuring against a global problem. Ask yourself if you care. Do you care when you see litter in your neighborhood, then pick it
    up. If you care, you’ll get something out of it.
  • If you care about sea level rise, do something big to act on it. For your values. Who cares if you aren’t fixing the world’s problems all by yourself. If you’re improving your life, you’ll enjoy doing it anyway.
  • What does it do to you to know you’re hurting others but still doing it anyway, no matter how much you can say doing different doesn’t make a difference. What are you here for, to give up? To do what you think others shouldn’t because they are too? Believe it or not, if you want to make a big, measurable difference, whatever you do will achieve it fastest and most effectively.
  • In a world where billions are craving someone to follow, several of you who act soon will become leaders of your communities, companies,
    neighborhoods, and countries.
  • Do you want a raise at work? Show you can take and fulfill responsibility. Show your values and live by them so they know you.
  • Hiding what you care about and blaming others won’t get you promoted. Listen to my guests who started companies, reached leadership positions in places like Apple, Google, and the Federal Government by taking responsibility and acting on the environment.
  • They are the future. Be the future. Stop pussyfooting around with straws and excuses that the plane was going to fly anyway.

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