292: The environment is the outward manifestation of our beliefs

February 18, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Here are the notes I read from for this episode:

  • Outward manifestation
  • Been saying lately
  • When you see pollution, dingy skies, sea levels rising
  • Any one person listening may not have
  • But if American, likely more than nearly anyone
  • Less technological, more social and personal
  • Results from our behavior, from our choices
  • From our beliefs, stories, images, desires
  • Opposite would be stewardship, caring about others first, service
  • Why leadership matters
  • Crazy part is harmony with nature simplifies life
  • Creates joy, community, connection
  • Not about guilt or shame, just perspective
  • In all fairness, some past systems
  • I’m just like everyone else. When I think of something fun and polluting, I think, maybe it won’t matter, the plane was flying anyway
  • That’s the cause of global warming and our climate problems
  • Maybe I’ll get away with it. Maybe my contribution won’t count
  • You can blame it on lots of things, but that attitude and ones like it are at the root of that behavior
  • The outward manifestation of that thought is pollution

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