303: The environmental results I predict versus what I work for

March 10, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

People ask, “Josh, do you really think you can make a difference?” or comment that what I or anyone does won’t matter.

In the first part of this episode I describe how I think our environmental future will unfold—the outcome I consider most likely. It’s not pretty. I foresee a lot of gloom and doom about nature, but however much problems in nature, I think human reactions will be more important, sooner, and more destructive.

My main resources for this part are the Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells and Limits to Growth.

In the second part, I share what I think could unfold if we get serious about addressing what’s happening—what I’m working for.

In the next part, I describe why I work at something that even I consider unlikely, drawing on Vince Lombardi.

Finally, in a coda, I address why I don’t expect technology to save us, or more likely to augment and accelerate our environmental problem.

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