316: Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD, part 2: Eat for Life

March 29, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Joel talked so passionately about everything I look to bring out in other guests, I hardly spoke about his commitment with bringing bags. No problem, I loved hearing his views, history, and approach. I went with it.

He also approaches the environment from food, though from a medical background. I just kept learning from him. Sadly, we as a culture keep moving toward disease and pollution, however much we want to move toward health and cleanliness.

You and I can lead. This is our chance. Joel has been for decades. He’s gotten results with the public through his books and his clients personally. You and I can build on what he started.

I can’t say much more than Joel did, connecting food and the environment and the benefit to us. Who knows, maybe our conversation will result in a PBS show.

On a personal note, I’m glad to have heard his message of joy. Before these conversations I associated him mostly with medicine and nutrition. He covers those things, but with no lack of joy.

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