324: Marina McCoy, part 1: A Waste-Free Earth Through Music

April 9, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to talk to someone who finds ways to do more, not to get credit for what she’s already done.

Overwhelmingly, conversations with people about acting on our environmental values seem to find it begrudging—a burden, a chore, deprivation, sacrifice. They imply things like, “God, how much more do I have to do?”, “Isn’t it okay to use compostable?”, “It’s so complicated.”, etc.

Even people who have acted and enjoy the outcome tend to talk about how much they’ve done, often implying since they’ve done more than most that they deserve congratulations or a chance to rest on their laurels.

Few people sound like they like acting on their environmental values.

When you’re eating a delicious, healthy meal, you don’t say “I’ve eaten the appetizer, how much more do you want from me” or “Isn’t it okay to take a small bite without eating more?” Every bite leads you to eat more.

If you enjoy a walk in the woods, you don’t say “Now that I’ve done it do I have to keep doing it?”

Talking with Marina is a breath of fresh air. Talking with her about acting environmentally is like talking about someone who loves their food or walk in the park.

She loves finding ways to steward. She doesn’t try to find ways to stop and say she’s done enough. She enjoys doing more. I had to bring her on. I found the conversation getting more engaging as it went on, which is why I let it go longer.

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