327: Rhonda Lamb, part 1: The Bronx and farm-fresh vegetables

April 18, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

You’ll hear about Rhonda and how we met in the beginning of our conversation, but I brought her in for a different reason than most of my other guests.

I invite a lot of people to my famous no-packaging vegetable stew. Though I created the stew with accessibility from the start, people kept saying I didn’t understand that for some people they were less accessible, especially the “single mother in a food desert with three kids and three jobs.” None of them were single mothers from food deserts.

Well, no need to speculate. We can hear from Rhonda. I think you’ll find our conversation surprising and enlightening.

We met for stew once before, with her son, to eat and record, but got so caught up in cooking and eating, we postponed recording to this time.

I believe I can say you’ll hear a friendship developing. I find that acting environmentally creates community and connection, every time. Polluting tends to separate. After all, you don’t want to pollute your friends’ worlds, so we distance ourselves from people when we pollute.

In the time I took to edit the audio, we had that potluck in the Bronx, where cooked stew for the community group she assembled. The video is in My Bronx cooking demonstration video.

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