341: NFL Tight End Chris Manhertz, part 1: Making your dreams happen

May 26, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

I love talking to professional athletes. Today I talk with Chris Manhertz, a tight end in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers. We cover three main things and partly a fourth.

  1. Making the NFL never having competed in football. He played basketball in college, but made it, now five seasons in. I’d call it a dream come true except for the work it takes to make happen.
  2. Playing during a pandemic. Sports are hit as hard as anything. Athletes reach their potential. How is he responding? How can we all respond?
  3. The environment, of course.
  4. We just touch on philosophy and stoicism, which we’ll cover more in our next conversation.

If you want to reach your potential, people like Chris Manhertz help. I hope the audio picked up his smiling and enthusiasm for acting and using adversity to prompt him to more.

I hope I didn’t sound too selfish asking about what I find intriguing about the actual experience of professional athleticism, but I think others will find fascinating what I do—the inside experience of playing on a professional sports field, training and playing with professional athletes at the peak of human ability.

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