367: The Surprising Mantle of Leadership

August 2, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Here are the notes I read from for this episode:

Stand up comedians

Growing up in 70s

I thought everyone would want to lead, to give I Have A Dream speech of their generation

Felt so natural, though universal

So until recently felt others could do better, wouldn’t want to compete

Dawning on my almost nobody wants to

Nobody seems to want to change

I expect they’ll be happy to change if they don’t have to do work

After all world has changed. Seems easy to change with it

Maybe people are waiting for someone and I can or should be it

Crazy for me to think nobody wants it

Question I’ve asked lately: Genie Mandela choice

I thought all the people competing to be leadership gurus want to lead

Or people competing to reach top of corporate ladder want to lead

They want to manage companies and organizations, maybe lead small groups

But taking risks, maybe not

I’m coming to terms with stepping up, or figuring out what that means

Years ago before starting podcast I thought about taking leadership role, realizing success meant challenging Koch brothers. Scary. I could be attacked. King, Gandhi, and others killed.

Realized when opportunity to speak on Washington Mall came up, King probably didn’t want to give I Have A Dream Speech. Probably thought, “Can anyone else? I guess I have to do it.”

Is it crazy for me to think of taking on role like theirs. Does anyone else want to?

Still figuring out how, but deciding to act more assertively. If you see ideas or opportunities I don’t, please tell me.

In the meantime, I see why I’m unique in finding joy in not flying by choice. Still nearly incomprehensible that people can learn how their behavior hurts others and still prefer to justify and imagine their pollution isn’t.

Is it so outlandish to try, and take my word that you’ll be glad you changed?

Is it so crazy to imagine that economists all misunderstand what finite planet means and that growth has to end, so their theories don’t apply?

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