369: Another Decision From My Past I Feel Ashamed Of

August 7, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

I shared a story with a client the other day that he found deeply meaningful. I’d never shared it with anyone before because it felt so shameful. Enough time has passed that I can talk about it, so I’m sharing it here, but I still cringe over it. I shared it to clarify a misunderstanding I hear from many people that somehow things I’ve done were easier for me than for others, like somehow I got more discipline than others without work.

When others share stories they say make them feel shameful, it never sounds as serious to me as it seems to to them, so I hope my story doesn’t either. I’m not going to write it here so you have to listen to the episode if you want to hear it, but it starts with girls, or rather lack of relationships with them, and ends with huge life decisions in other areas that I would not have made had I been more open.

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