372: JFK, the moon, and missing leadership today

August 12, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

You’ve heard people calling for moonshots—challenges so great we take them on as a nation. But regarding sustainability we also ask people to do as little as they can, “here’s one little thing you can do for the environment.”

In this episode, I bring you John Kennedy’s speech at Rice on the original moonshot, fraught with peril, expensive, asking a lot. He spoke with resolve we lack today everywhere, entitled as our culture has become, but especially in taking responsibility for our actions that affect others helpless to defend themselves from our hurting them. For our mere comfort and convenience. For our waste! America outright wastes forty percent of our food, which we use more fossil fuels than ever to create.

I am endeavoring to bring such spirit and leadership to sustainability today.

I share my thoughts on our lame attempts to motivate, then read his words, then play the recording of Kennedy himself. Let’s do this. Let’s restore that spirit. Let’s do the hard work of transforming our economy to stewardship, responsibility, and enjoying what we have over looking the other way from pollution and craving what we don’t have.

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