379: Dan McPherson, part 1: A Heart Attack Last Week at Age 46

August 31, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Do you have friends that you talk to once or twice a month—someone you can talk about important things beyond the day to day? Dan is one of those friends for me. The week before recording this conversation he told me he had a massive heart attack. He’s 46 years old. I was traveling and could only hear part of the story. What I heard made me reflect all week.

The pains, hospitals, and doctors were the exciting, if that’s the right word, part. The parts about his son and his views on life got me in the gut. He’s gone through life and death experiences before, so he could compare reflections and changes this time to others.

The part about the changes he’s made since, mostly about diet, made me think about my environmental changes. I asked him if he was willing to share his experience with an audience challenging themselves to change. He said yes. The first two-thirds is a gripping account of a young man facing possibly the end of his life. Then comes the parts where he faces the rest of his life and especially his son.

I mentioned after stopping recording how I thought his humor would help people listen. He said, “How else can you treat it?”

Since he had faced life-and-death experiences before, he adjusted to live how he wants. That if he knew his life would end soon he wouldn’t change anything, tells me any of us can do so now.

After recording he said he appreciated the chance to serve. I hope we learn his lesson without facing coin-toss chances of surviving.

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