383: Sports, competition, and beating pandemics

September 14, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Are you fatigued from pandemic defenses like wearing masks and washing your hands? Is your community, like New York City, doing well? Do you feel since we’re doing well, we can let up at last?

Do you know what happens when competing against an opponent you can beat, but instead of playing to your potential, you play to theirs? You tie them or even lose. The fatigue we feel is mental and emotional, which means under our control. We can choose from among plenty of role models who persevered through harder challenges than wearing masks and washing hands.

In this episode I share how I learned not to let up or play to the level of an opponent we could beat. I don’t like to lose, especially when the stakes are life and death, all the more when I could cause someone else’s death. I hope you share that motivation not to cause suffering to others.

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