390: George Chmiel 1.5: Sustainability, hard even for an ultramarathoner, but he doesn’t give up

September 29, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

George’s challenge involved people congregating outside, which California banned, increasing his challenge. Personally for him, Badwater got canceled for 2020, the race that starts in Death Valley and ends up, over 100 miles later on a mountaintop. Widely regarded as the hardest race in the world, he was looking forward to it. Can you imagine the training, then you feel like what was it for?

So life conspired to make acting on his environmental values for the podcast more difficult. He contacted me to ask about taking more time. I share with him how guests have struggled before. I’m not trying to suggest change is easy, but to accurately show listeners the challenges. George magnanimously agreed to share his vulnerabilities. So we scheduled this episode 1.5 to share the challenges he faced.

Leadership isn’t about doing easy things. It’s about facing what others don’t and overcoming it. I believe you’ll hear from George that the rewards are more than worth it. What he shares about emotions, I believe will inspire you. He speaks with experience having felt disappointment, despair, futility, and more beyond what most of us do.

I love this podcast for bringing people like George into my life. Actually, not the podcast. The podcast is just one manifestation of living by my values even when it’s hard. He reminds me I haven’t hit hard yet. Not flying? Avoiding packaged food? Picking up garbage? They’re child’s play compared to what he does.

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