393: Jaime Casap, part 2: If a global pandemic isn’t the end, what is?

October 6, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Jaime and my second conversation is enjoyable and challenging. It was different than usual because for whatever reason we’re talking about views on environment, personal action, education, and so on, but I didn’t get to the personal challenge I like to.

It was enjoyable because we’re both into it for exchange, education, and understanding. Challenging because we have to figure out where the other is coming from. We start this conversation where we ended the last one, which is each putting forward his view. Getting and understanding another’s view takes time, especially while trying to make yours available for the other to get and understand. Probably a third party will get and understand both faster and easier than either party.

We end up at what will be a starting point for a third conversation. Reaching there, I suspect we’ll say things that you’ve heard before—I’m sure he and I have both heard most of the other’s view but not talked it through.

Most of the conversation I felt he was asking what people were doing to point out its futility. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, but at the close I thought he was actually asking.

As I said, I think there are scales of disaster and we can avoid the worst. Actually, I think everything we do can decrease suffering for

Anyway, I think we’ll start next time with talking strategy.

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