412: George Chmiel, part 2: Teamwork from garbage

November 21, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

“You heard it here first.” We start by reviewing George’s experience picking up garbage with a team he organized. We started creating a project.

It spontaneously arose, but I see a chance that we’ll make it happen. Maybe soon, maybe it will take time. Maybe it will go nationwide. Maybe it will fall apart. Maybe it will change culture. Maybe future generations will look back at these changes as what sparked the turning point. George’s gym, Spartan, Litterati, SoulBuffalo, Generation 180, Living Lands and Waters, The Story of Stuff, . . . there are a lot of organizations that want to act who are part of this growing community.

I want to contrast George’s motivation from your typical gym’s or most organizations’. Most gyms work you now for a later payoff. For George, the future benefit is nice, but it’s a side effect. The effort itself is rewarding. We heard it with Joe DeSena and Spartan. You hear it from me with my sidchas.

Listen to the conversation. If interested in participating or contributing, let me know, especially if you like organizing or you know sponsors.

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