414: Nir Eyal, part 2: He committed to avoiding flying before the pandemic

November 28, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

We covered two main points: how I inspired him and how he inspired me. If I’m not too presumptuous to say I inspired him, that is, the first part is about his choosing not to fly. Several months into the pandemic at the time, we were all used to not flying, but when he committed, before the pandemic, most people I talked to called not flying impossible.

Some backstory: Nir emailed me about 24 hours after our first conversation to say he had already substituted one flight with speaking remotely. In this episode, he shares about how he made it happen.

Then we get into a back and forth about technology. We agreed on some and disagreed on other parts. Then I switched to what he inspired me on: barefoot running. When most people say barefoot running, they mean minimal shoe. Nir was the first person I met who ran without shoes. Finally I had a role model who ran in Manhattan without shoes. I had been emailed with him between conversations about it. Finally I could share with him. He shared how he got started, what motivated him.

I’m sorry the technology conversation probably sounded annoying. On the one hand it’s annoying for everyone, on the other, what do you do when you disagree on something? Not talk about it? Avoiding the conflict doesn’t resolve it. It leaves it to fester. That’s fine on issues that don’t matter, but the air we breathe, water we drink, and soil we eat from matter. I hope to run with him when he gets back so New York can see two old men running barefoot together, laughing.

We can not talk about it and just let the ballot box decide. As far as the environment goes, we saw how that worked out in 2016.

I closed the episode with a plug based on the couple stories about famous, successful people inspiring me to physical, emotional, and intellectual fitness and life improvement. If you want to bring into your peer group the most amazing people you can think of, start a new branch of Leadership and the Environment. Since we recorded, several branches have started, coming from Sweden, England, Italy, and soon Japan.

I will train you in the basics of starting a podcast and the elite skills of connecting with people you only dreamed of.

The guy who started Leadership and the Environment Sweden just reported back to me how his third guest was an important government official from his home town and she is putting him in touch with a Parliament member. It happens that fast.

If you want to start LatE Acting, LatE Silicon Valley, LatE Hip Hop, LatE Sports, or any field, contact me. I’ll train you, you’ll meet the people of your dreams, lead them to contribute to a legacy of stewardship, and they’ll thank you. It takes some effort, but anyone can do it.

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