421: Behind the Mic: Race: Why I’ve talked about it so much

December 9, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

My second Behind the Mic conversation with Dan McPherson gets to why I’ve talked about race lately. Why on a podcast about sustainability, leadership, and the environment, do I take the risk as to talk about a topic that straight white men get canceled for?

If it didn’t further my mission of helping restore Earth’s ability to sustain life and society, I wouldn’t let another topic divert attention. Whatever problems people struggle over, if anything ties us together, we breathe air, drink water, and eat food that we are sleepwalking as a nation, culture, and species into poisoning.

This episode presents a topic connected to race I’ve talked a lot about with friends and family to figure out how to treat publicly but that I consider too important an approach to sustainability to leave aside, whatever the personal risk. The personal risk doesn’t come from this view nor from anyone who understands me, only from people who misunderstand.

Listen on and hear the view. I hinted at it in my conversation with Eric Metaxas. This episode with Dan goes into more depth. I’ll talk about it more, so consider this episode a sneak preview.

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