425: General William “Kip” Ward, part 1: Security, Stability, and Sustainability Start with People

December 28, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Kip Ward is a retired General who, among other things, was the first leader of the Africa Command. He shares his background so you can hear it from him. It’s extensive, having served at every level of the army. I met him through previous guest Frances Hesselbein and watched a few videos in which he spoke of leadership, which I linked to below.

He spoke of things I don’t see in sustainability and environmental stewardship but work. I took away from those talks

  • Addressing the conditions that led to a situation
  • Good, effective governance through sustained efforts, which he contrasts with technology or authority
  • Authority and force being the last option, despite it being what he was trained in to reach that level
  • Understanding the society and people you want to lead. Their interests and views drive all you do. You have to know your team and goals, but theirs drive strategy.
  • Get to know people and what matters to them.
  • Listen.
  • Do yourself what you expect them to do.

I particularly like his commitment for reasons you’ll understand when you hear it. Kip is choosing deliberately. I believe action by leaders helps others to follow.

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