446: Wondering how you can make a difference? Action begets action.

March 15, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

I noticed a trend among podcast guests that the people who have already acted the most on sustainability find new things fastest. By contrast, people who do less say they’re already doing all they can, or at least all they can think of.

That’s backward, or would be if you thought there were a limited number of things you could do. The so-called experts who themselves haven’t acted promote big, Earth-saving projects which of course I support, but they end up knowing only big, complex things. Most people can’t think of what to do when they want to.

That the people doing the most find more to do fastest suggests the more we act the more we want to act, the more we know what we can do, the more we enjoy nature.

How big or small you start matters less than if you enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you’ll keep acting and eventually reach big. You’ll also share with others. Big acts that we share add up.

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