452: Book Update #1

April 18, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Here are the notes I read this episode from:

  • Started thinking of book when I worked on initiative but put in background, expecting podcast to improve
  • That’s been the case.
  • Started getting serious about a year ago.
  • You may have noticed a lot of guests with backgrounds in abolition: Eric Metaxas, Adam Hochschild, Manisha Sinha, Andres Resendez, Richard Rothstein (more on racial injustice)
  • That’s because abolition became major issue, then George Floyd amplified issue
  • So spent months talking with people and figuring out approach. Everyone said, “Josh, you could cure cancer, but if it touches on these things people will think you’re trying to use someone else’s issue.” or they’d say “You couldn’t possibly understand, or at least people will think you can’t” or they’d say “Some things you just don’t talk about or compare because they’re in another category.”
  • So I went with people who devoted their lives to these issues and learned a ton.
  • Next step: started writing outline, then text, revised three times.
  • Started a writing workshop. Kicked writing into overdrive. Wrote a few thousand words a day, reached 45,000 words plus a proposal and very positive reviews from people who read.
  • It’s also why I haven’t posted as much to podcast. Focusing on writing and editing.
  • Still, felt out on a limb. No one has read the full manuscript but some people have highly praised the proposal, including a NY Times bestselling author whose book you might know, who said it was one of the best he’d read.
  • So I’m confident I’ll get a publishing deal. I understand from when you sign to books in readers’ hands about a year. But finish writing after six months, so will start promoting then.
  • What is is about? Partly my views on sustainability.
  • Whom it’s for, core message, promise to reader
  • Exercises to walk you through enjoying living sustainably, becoming a steward, then how to lead others.
  • Not about facts, for reader. Everyone says it’s like nothing they’ve read but very important.
  • Anyone interested in helping promote mission book is a part of, contact me. I’d love help reviewing and editing it.
  • I hope I covered top line. If curious, let me know what more I can share.
  • Side effects: shoulders and forearms hurt. Some back pain. Eye fatigue
  • But more than satisfied with result so far. Helped me clarify a lot of my thoughts and how to present them.
  • I hope and expect this book to be of historical value. Builds on everything here.

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