467: Frederick Lane, part 1: The Rise of the Digital Mob

June 1, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

A topic making among the most headlines these days are digital mobs and their justice reacting to what people say. I’ve touched on it somewhat in this podcast and on my blog and I feel the risk teaching at NYU, which has kept me from expressing myself as openly as I could in the past. Another way of looking at this phenomenon is that we have become more vigilant about respecting groups that society hasn’t stood up to before.

We all see it. We all have opinions. Frederick approaches the phenomenon from a less partial, legal standpoint: what is going on? What risks are there? Who faces them? How can we respond? How should we respond for what reasons? How is technology changing our discourse?

What do Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have to do with it?

What was appearing on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show like?

A reason I wanted to bring him on was to learn his views on my talking about abolition, a movement we can learn from, and attraction coaching, which informed my leadership practice. So I got to ask him his experienced views.

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