472: Big City Andrew, part 1: Traditional Conservative values and stewardship

June 10, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Andrew co-hosted me on MAGAMedia with past guest Rob Harper, so we’ve spoken there several times, but this conversation is our first one-on-one.

We start by talking about our meeting and how talking to each other means talking about issues we normally don’t in our usual circles, but that we enjoy learning from each other, not getting angry despite different viewpoints. We both want to increase meaningful communication as opposed to the more prevalent mutual provocation and dismissal in American political conversation between people who vote differently, to the extent they communicate.

Andrew shares his growing up in a Democratic household and what transitioned him to appreciating and supporting candidate and then President Trump, as well as meeting Rob, partnering, and starting their show together. I suspect most listeners to a podcast with the word ‘sustainable’ in the title don’t talk to many Trump supporters. He also talked about division within parties and commonalities across parties. I wish I had more conversations like this one and heard more of them with others.

My favorite part with most guests is their answer to what the environment means to them. You’ll hear a lot of genuine, long-held views and observations about the environment. You’ll also hear it lead to first-time action, I believe with a smile on his face.

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