481: Joe Collins, part 1: From a gang to Congress?

July 1, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

I met Joe when we spoke together on an online panel hosted by Magamedia.org. I knew he was running for office and anticipated conservative politics, but on the panel, I couldn’t tell, despite the conservative context. I was curious so looked him up more and found an intriguing background and passion.

Joe emerged from youth involving gangs to join the Navy, now running for office. He considers the incumbent insensitive to his district’s needs, but he grew up there. He knows its problems. You’ll hear in our conversation a passion as great as his frustration with the situation he wants to change.

Environment factors in some to his campaign and platform, but not its top priority. Still, he shares his caring with us and takes on a challenge to act on those values. He’s conservative, which many associate with insensitivity or denial of our environmental problems, but I hear him caring as much as anyone. Listen to hear his values and commitment to act on them.

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