510: Jonathan Hardesty, part 6: “This method of doing things is making me become a better husband and parent”

September 21, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Jonathan and I continue practicing the Spodek Method. Since last recording, he practiced it with his wife. This time he shares how it went. I picked up on a nuance, that she picked a commitment disconnected from her intrinsic motivation and ended up not finding the task meaningful.

What we covered relates to leadership and relationships in general. The major theme we covered is uncovering people’s intrinsic motivations. People often suppress them, sometimes consciously often unconsciously. They make us vulnerable.

We also talked about art. I find Jonathan’s explanations and insights fascinating for revealing what artists do and how they represent more than what we see, to what we feel.

If you want to motivate yourself and others to act more sustainably, this episode reveals a lot. I can’t think of anything more valuable for humanity this lifetime.

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