533: Laura Coe, part 3: The Nature of Love

November 24, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Longtime listeners will remember Laura from episodes 192 and 209, over two years ago. Her book, Emotional Obesity, made a big effect on me, as did her warmth and move from success in tech entrepreneurship to her podcast, The Art of Authenticity. She pursued authenticity in herself and her coaching clients.

We became friends and kept in touch since. She’s continued exploring, where it led. As you’ll hear in this episode she shared with me where it’s led, which she’s sharing in three new books, The Nature of Love, The Nature of Self Love, and The Nature of Boundaries, available here. In them she explores and shares about an energy field called Akasha and its access to otherwise unseen wisdom and more.

I’d never heard of Akasha either. As you’ll hear, Laura acknowledges her current work lies out of the mainstream and said I didn’t have to bring her on if I didn’t want. Of course, I’m bringing a longtime guest and friend back. From my perspective, trying to view everyone’s perception of the supernatural with an open mind, I’m as curious about her views and perspective as someone’s about a mainstream religion. As you’ll hear, she shared her teaching with me before this episode and I valued that experience.

I’m glad she shared her work with me and I’m happy to share it with you.

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