535: The best sledding hill in the world, Tommy’s Hill in Philadelphia (from my third TEDx talk)

November 28, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

NOTE: I recommend watching the video of this episode, not just listening to the audio.

What does the environment mean to you?

We are motivated by what’s in our hearts more than facts or numbers so I believe we will act more when we connect with what’s in our hearts, which inspires us. The fastest, most effective way to influence governments and corporations is to act ourselves here and now, keep acting, keep learning, and then lead others based on our experience acting.

I also ask most of my podcast guests what the environment means to them. I start my third TEDx talk, Stop Suggesting Small Things. Do Meaningful Things, with my answer by saying how I grew up near the best sledding hill in the world.

I visited for the first time in a long time, took a few pictures, and narrated them. I hope the experiences put you in touch with what you find meaningful in nature.

I couldn’t bear in the video to comment how this idyllic appearing spot isn’t far from where I got mugged a couple times, my bike stolen, threatened with a wrench in my face by one group of kids and a rock by a couple others demanding my watch, etc. In the beginning of the video I walked past the house of the family that barely escaped Hitler.

And everything in between. It was a childhood of diverse living.

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