540: Blake Haxton, part 3: Exploring nature from a wheelchair with a shotgun

December 13, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Blake shares his results about acting on his commitments from last time. He couldn’t work much with rowing with temperatures barely above freezing, but he could act on his diet. He also dusted off an old habit of shooting, which he shared about.

We also got to talking about nuclear and alternative energy sources. He asked me my views, so I shared the long-term results I saw from it based on humanity’s past.

We also spoke of the Bible, Job, and ponder the meaning of having dominion over nature in the context of causing extinctions globally.

Beneath all the content, I think you’ll hear a friendship growing. I find the discipline of athletes, artists, leaders, and others in ASEEP fields develops the skills and experience to act thoughtfully and effectively.

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