544: Michael Carlino, part 3: What would Jesus do with an iPhone?

December 23, 2021 by Joshua
in Podcast

Michael shares about avoiding using a smart phone, or at least using a minimally functional smart phone. Do you remember what life was like without yours? What does solitude mean to you?

How much time do you spend on a smart phone? Would you like to reduce it? What would you do instead? What are we missing? How about emotion, love, freedom, and joy?

He talks about the irony spending money to help us handle our addiction to those who cause the addiction. It sounds like doof. We talk about addiction, our purposes, and being distracted from them.

The above is the starting point of what life is about when not distracted all the time: freedom, family, community, our values, and understanding those things. You’ll also hear scripture quoted joyfully than in most conversations.

If you’ve considered a digital fast, I recommend listening as motivation to do it.

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