548: Erik Bottcher, part 1: a New York City politician awesome enough to pick up litter

January 8, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Erik Bottcher is my elected legislator. New York City’s council presides over a budget bigger than most countries’.

Yet I met him picking up litter. He organized weekly clean-ups when the city dropped its sanitation budget during the pandemic. He also sees the problem not as too little cleaning up but too much supply of packaging that becomes litter.

Let’s pause for a moment. How many politicians have you heard of who bend down and pick up litter, week after week? I think the world would benefit from all of them doing it.

We talk about changes to the city we’d like to see. He shares about growing up gay not in Manhattan but the Adirondacks, then coming to the city and how that affects his governing.

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