551: Chad Foster, part 4: Flying to skiing, but not camping in the back yard

January 16, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

In this episode we talk about how to lead people, but I can’t help notice on listening afterward how quick and easy it is for him to fly his whole family across the country several times a season, but impossible to pitch a tent in his back yard. Whatever effect I’ve had on other guests, it’s not happening with Chad.

What he shares about leadership, I agree with and his life transformation to adjust to circumstances he couldn’t have predicted, we can all learn from, so I recommend listening (sorry about the sound quality on my microphone). He lost his sight, which hasn’t led to a worse life, as best I can tell. We’re losing our ability to eat meat, have as many babies as we want, and fly without these actions causing others to suffer and die. But unlike losing an ability most people would not want to lose, eating more vegetables and living more sustainably benefits everyone, especially people with lungs.

Four conversations in, I see Chad starting to act but not beyond conversations with family. My diagnosis: I think I haven’t connected with what the environment means to him so he doesn’t feel intrinsically motivated.

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