561: Scott Hardin-Nieri, part 2: Faith and Personal Challenge

February 16, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Scott emailed me that he didn’t explore wilderness meaninglessly listening to birds as much as he committed. From experience, I know some guests overcommit or for some reason don’t complete their commitment. I asked him to share anyway, describing how I’m looking to share actual experiences. I don’t want to imply it’s easy for everyone. He magnanimously agreed to share. Nobody is perfect, but not everyone is strong enough to share, especially publicly.

He described how he’s felt spiritual giving up in life before and this time fit the pattern. He did some of what he committed to but let it slide, even though it seemed easy. This time felt disappointing. We spoke more and he found something he may try instead.

His sharing openly his experience, not feel-good platitudes or instructions for others to follow, is a main reason why I like bringing experienced leaders on the podcast. If you’ve thought of acting (I hope so) but haven’t, or didn’t finish, Scott’s experience will help start you so you stick with it.

It’s not easy to start, though my experience tells me that acting enough leads your actions to become a part of your identity. Then it becomes effortless, requiring no willpower.

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