563: Derek Marshall, part 1: Candidate for California’s 23rd Congressional District

March 24, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Derek is looking to flip a district that has been moving more Democratic through demographic shifts and redistricting. Can he pull it off?

He reached out to me partly to share and explore environmental and sustainability issues. After we cover more of his background, he shared the environmental situation of a potentially stunningly beautiful region, including Joshua Tree and Death Valley, but exurban growth threatens it.

Many people claim the environment should not be political. Can politicians act on sustainability coming from one party and attract people from another party? I chose to act outside politics because I saw cultural change as the main issue and the people I saw in history who changed culture started without holding office: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Henry David Thoreau. Derek wants to do it through politics. In today’s situation, I see an uphill battle.

He shared some of his views and plans. He also responded strongly to the Spodek Method. Listen to hear his commitment. I predict the experience will lead his views and plans to evolve. I believe he’ll consider those changes improvements.

I can’t believe all politicians aren’t using sustainability as a winning platform. I mean, I can because they haven’t tried to live sustainably so don’t know it brings joy, fun, freedom, community, connection, meaning, and purpose, not the deprivation and sacrifice people expect.

Note to politicians: be a guest on this podcast to learn to act on sustainability through authentic, intrinsic motivation and you will learn how to make sustainability a winning issue.

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