568: Etienne Stott, part 2: When you threaten the power of the establishment, it starts to kick back

April 7, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Etienne starts by sharing how his government in England is beginning to increase how much it threatens punishment for people protesting, including what he does as an MBE working with Extinction Rebellion. He sees that reaction as showing they are making a difference. I hear it is similar to what is happening in my nation, the U.S.

In our first conversation, Etienne was already acting and protesting. Sustainability is among his highest priorities. He isn’t just talking about it. He’s on of the most active people I’ve spoken to, by no means backing down. On the contrary, increasing his activities, as determined as ever.

This episode features two people who have done what everyone can: making changing culture to increase human flourishing our top priorities, including leading others. For my part, I relished being able to talk about achieving the clean air, water, and land we all want without defensiveness. On the contrary, we explore each other’s interests, actions, motivations, and results.

We’re talking about glory, if you ask me.

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