578: Warren Farrell, part 2: Sex, race, and intimacy: How to listen and communicate

May 3, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

This episode is available on video.

Before our conversations, I tended to see Warren as mainly focused on issues where men and boys suffer that society doesn’t see, downplays, or ignores. I still see him as a rare luminary on such issues. As he mentions, many people, up to the White House, seem unable or unwilling to consider the possibility.

But I’m seeing him focusing on solutions, both systemic and individual. We start this conversation on communication, especially about listening, especially in conflict. We transition to communication tips, especially for men and boys, using ourselves and our challenges as examples. I hear passion in him for helping couples, especially from a man’s perspective. Not just passion, effectiveness.

He shares about the origins of the Boy Crisis in society and the importance of effective communication, often lacking. We focus on suicide and rates between males and females versus between people of different races, children raised deprived of fathers, fathers whose responsibilities imposed by society force them to show their love by sacrificing time with family, which sounds heartbreaking for them, yet more so for their children. He explores the consequences to society.

He describes how people exclude men and boys and our problems from considering helping us, even (especially) from groups promoting inclusion.

I predict you’ll find this episode evokes compassion and opens your eyes.

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