581: Dr. Ambrose Carroll, senior, part 2: cultural differences on how we view the individual

May 17, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Ambrose and I start by reviewing his commitment. After a bit, as best I can tell, we talked past each other. Every now and then, the Spodek Method doesn’t resonate and this conversation looks like one of them. His description of how he sees the world and my read don’t seem to overlap.

I suspect he felt I didn’t understand him or his world. I read him as guarded, not sharing his personal views and feelings. I think it might be interesting and possibly fun to hear it as a third person. I tried to understand what he was saying and tried to clarify. He sounds like he was doing his best to speak to be understood. It just didn’t reach me. He described how the black community operated, but I felt like he viewed me as unable to understand, being empowered and entitled, whereas people in that community were traumatized and not taught what they could do.

His main point, as I understood, is that they “need more steps.” I just couldn’t get what he meant. I felt like he was trying to explain while keeping me separate and excluded, not explaining to include me.

Sorry I couldn’t write more clearly what to expect. Again, I suspect it might be fun, as a third person, to understand both of us better than we understand each other.


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