585: Douglas McMaster, part 2: If a restaurant can run with no trash, we can too

May 27, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

When a man who founded a restaurant that uses no trash cans meets a guy who doesn’t fly and hasn’t filled a load of trash since 2019, we start by expressing mutual appreciation. Anyone can do these things. It’s a matter of doing it.

Doing it leads to experiencing similar challenges and overcoming them, facing similar resistance from people saying it’s impossible, and enjoying similar feelings of reward at living by our values.

Doug shares stories we can learn from of. One that I love is on fermentation. I’d started doing it and loving how simple it is, but hadn’t heard the glory Doug shares of making it a major part of the kitchen. I’m fermenting more all the time.

Also mycelium, fungus, which they make furniture out of, made from old grain. Yes, they grow furniture from fungus!

Listen for more ways to avoid creating trash and rampant, soul-destroying consumerism.

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