591: Whitney Tilson, part 1: Acting on intrinsic motivation versus feeling you have to save the world

June 8, 2022 by Joshua
in Podcast

Whitney’s background and accomplishments are incredible and we start with them. He shares his beliefs and mindsets that lead to his high performance in business, philanthropy, fitness, family, and more.

Then we share a fun part of how I invited him to this podcast. After he, in a friendly, helpful way, cursed at some of his newsletter readers in criticizing their behavior during the pandemic, I cursed at him in the same friendly, helpful way. The email got his attention. It led to us meeting in person to pick up litter in Washington Square Park (where he saw his first drug deal in the corner with the syringe drug users), then to recording in person at my apartment.

When we spoke on the environment, I heard a common mix: he connected deeply with it, including majestic experiences at some of Earth’s most extreme environments, and he also felt about its problems that he couldn’t do anything meaningful.

My favorite part of my conversation with Whitney was how he put up nearly every form of delay, resistance, and obstacle any other guest has responded to my invitation to act on his environmental values. I believe we were both patient, listened, spoke to be understood. After he found something to act on, you’ll hear the change in his perspective on acting on intrinsic motivation versus what sounded to me like trying to save the world, or feeling you have to, but disconnected from intrinsic motivation.

EDIT: Read my emails cursing at Whitney Tilson that brought him to my podcast

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